Email marketing on steroids...

Send Your Email Ads To Hundreds, Maybe Thousands, Of Fresh Leads Every Day

Currently serving 112399 marketers

You are about to embark on the most profitable email marketing journey for your email promotion campaigns. A journey that will produce constant profits for you.

We put you in touch directly with the most responsive targeted audience on the internet for your email marketing campaigns, starting from day one for months or years to come.

Just log into your member's area, type your message, and click "Send" - your email ad goes to hundreds, maybe thousands of keen, receptive marketers ready to read your message!

Or if you choose set-n-forget, and have your messages consistenly sent out to new leads as your account accumulates them.

These Are Fresh Top Quality, Pre-Qualified, Responsive Double-Optin Marketers Ready To Receive Your Messages!

Your marketing message reaches active marketers who understand that email marketing and promotion is a two-way process that benefits both you (the marketer) and the recipient.

It is being touted as the Email Marketing GOLD!  
Every person has to go through a rigorous sign-up process and accept to receive email ads before we activate their membership
These leads are real active internet marketers who read and respond to your ads
Currently serving 112399 active marketers, and hundreds of thousands since 2001
We pay your prospects to read your ads, so you get nothing but RESPONSE
All messages sent from our servers to comply with anti-spam laws - just type your message and click "Send"
Automate your ads to be sent out to new leads on auto-pilot (Set-n-Forget)
Full message tracking included

This is Your Marketing GOLD

For over 8 years, we have been the trusted source of leads for hundreds of thousands of internet marketers. They depend on us to provide that link between their email message to a responsive audience.

Testimonial - High Quality Leads

I'd like to congratulate you on an EXCELLENT program. For the last two months we here at the Big Dogs Home Office have been "testing" the sixteen programs we currently promote in our ebook, and I can honestly say that Prospect Response is one of the most "deceptively" useful programs in our portfolio.

The reason I say "deceptively" is that at first glance it APPEARS that AdSat's leads may not be that good, but WOW, are these leads receptive! Our tests have given us a click-thru rate of well over 6%! As you know a click-thru rate that high is practically unheard of with typical leads. In other words, the small QUANTITY of the "new member leads" is more than made up for by the staggering QUALITY of these leads!
Stan Stuchinski, Big Dogs Program

You must have heard...

Money Is In The List

We keep a membership ("list" - currently 112399) of currently active, responsive internet marketers who are willing to receive ads from other members. This is our primary condition for accepting your membership - you are joining an elite friendly email community of active internet marketers with similar marketing needs.

You send your ads to them, you receive ads from them

As a GOLD member, you get to send an ad to every new member who joins after you do. This alone can amount to several hundred members a day.

Simply put, it is email marketing on steroids.

Each member has to go through a rigorous sign-up double-optin process and accept to receive ads from other members to be accepted

... your message is seen by marketers who are keen to read them

Most members are GOLD members - they pay a monthly fee to maintain this membership. It's an elite club that delivers results to its members

... these are extremely response members who demand nothing less than the best results - you can rest assured your ads to them gets read

You must keep your email address deliverable to continue receiving the benefits of your GOLD membership

... accounts with their email addresses undeliverable for extended time periods are deleted from our membership. We must be able to contact you to remain a member.

... and when you send your ad, you expect a real person to read it

You also get to send your ads to all new leads collected on our FFA (Free For All) network - this alone can give you several hundred to several thousand new leads every day.

Currently, there are 132855 directories with FFA pages

Each person must validate their email address and accept to receive ads from members before we accept their ad

... so you only send your messages to people who are ready and willing to read your ads

They must re-validate their ad every 7 days to continue posting their ads to our service

... so you can be assured they always remember who you are when they receive your email ads

We automatically detect and reject ads submitted by robots, and put those email addresses in a blacklist so they cannot post again

.... after all, robots will not respond to you, will they?

Any undeliverable emails are automatically removed from our database and blacklisted from our service

... your ads are delivered right into your prospects' mailboxes

We Pay Your Prospects To Read Your Ads

When we started paying prospects for reading ads, it was just a test - until we realized that response to our customers messages had exploded!

Whenever you send your ads or automate your email marketing campaigns, we give you the option to include an "Insurance Question", that relates to your web content (i.e. to get the answer right, they must visit your web site and read it!).

Whenever the prospects click on the "Insurance Link" (to prove they actually read the message), they automatically get paid a pre-set amount of money.

If they answer the Insurance Question correctly, they get even a higher commission for it. In other words, we pay them to read your email AND visit your web site and understand its content.

Your Insurance Question tests them on the content of your web site or call to action link on your email.

The process of insuring ads actually turns recipients who might initially just have intended to make money reading emails into active responsive prospects whose needs are also served in the process.

As an advertiser, you in turn have a more responsive audience keen on finding out more about your messages.

Just type your message and click "Send"

Testimonial - Best service on the internet....

You have unquestionably the best service of it's kind on the Internet Today! I have tested ALL of your competitors and the results I get with your service are second to none.

Joe Cotroneo,

Over 500 clicks and over 200 sign-ups in ONE posting!....

ADSat, I must let you know this. You Are SIMPLY THE BEST! I got more than 500 clicks and over 200 sign-ups in ONE posting! And made a few hundred bucks!!! I love the posting to ALL NEW members! AM I DREAMING HERE??? I show people how to create a recruitment explosion with their MLMs. ADSat has just given me the ANSWER!
Kevin Tan
Money Making Network

All messages are sent from our servers to be in compliance with federal can-spam act.

Simply type your message and click "Send" and your personalized message is delivered to all your prospects (see how).

You will be able to track your messages in real time (see how)

You'll be able to see:

  • How many prospects was sent to
  • How many prospects opened your email
  • How many prospects actually visited and read your web content!

To Recap:

Get your GOLD membership today and

Testimonial - More effective than I thought....
I just put another order in for the Prospect Response Broadcast Email.

The last one went better than I thought it would. You will need to run this special a couple times a month ..... Once people start seeing how great these data base broadcasts work, you will get swamped with orders!
Joseph Bledsoe
Testimonial - 44 Signups in 2 days...
I'm not often speechless but today is an exception. I emailed to my GOLD list through this site and honestly expected very little response. Boy was I wrong, 44 signups in two days, absolutely amazing. Can't sing your praises loud enough, keep up the good work.
Phil Horsepool, Business Offers
Testimonial - Your leads are GOLDEN to me....
Your leads are golden to me. In two days I made six sales, so I can't afford to waste them.
Pamela Lyon PL2963
Start sending your ads to hundreds, or even thousands, of qualified, fresh prospects every day

Your ads go to prospects who are keen and waiting to read your ads. We pay them to read your messages, so you get nothing but response.

Every person who receives your ad is currently active and responsive

Track your ads to see how many were sent out, how many were opened, how many were read, how many clicked your "call-to-action" link in your message!

Valuable information to make every campaign a success

Set-n-Forget: - Automatically let us send your message to new prospects as they join so you can focus your energy on other marketing activities
Earn commissions for every friend you refer!
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
I personally guarantee your TOTAL satisfaction

Tens of thousands of internet marketers have depended on Prospect Response GOLD membership for quality leads for their marketing needs over the years.

It is not just the "leads" that we deliver - we deliver your marketing message to marketers, who are real people with unique requirements that match your needs.

It is due to this respect for internet marketers' needs that we are able to link marketers to one of the most receptive audiences via permission email.

When you join us, I personally take it upon me to guarantee full unconditional satisfaction. If you are not convinced that Prospect Response GOLD membership is the best, most cost-effective source of responsive leads, we will refund your payment within 30 days and still retain your membership as a free member.

You've got absolutely nothing to lose.
Simon Macharia

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